Friday, February 5, 2016

2016 Kentucky Wildcats Uniforms

Today, Nike and the University of Kentucky unveiled the 2016 football uniforms including a new secondary logo. I would love to say I am extremely happy with the update, but I would be lying if I said that. There are a lot of issues with the new uniform.

Uniform Rating:  6.89 out of 10 (Downgrade from previous set)

 My first impressions are below:

The Good:
  1. No black or gray jersey
  2. The blue & white jersey looks good. 
  3. The number font is called 'torque' and I like it. 
  4. The KENTUCKY Script on the jersey is nice
The Bad:
  1.  The checkerboard on the blue jersey stands out like a sore thumb. Before it appeared like we were trying to mock Tennessee, now it appears we are trying to take over that pattern from the Volunteers. 
  2. The lack of the checkerboard pattern on the helmet & pants does not make the uniform very uniformity.
The Ugly:
  1.  As much as I hated the black & gray uniform, they did drop them, but the Anthracite color is not any better. In fact, it seems to be a combination of both black and gray which equals crap in my book. 
  2. The helmets looks to plain now. There should be a checkered stripes on all the helmets. 
  3. The anthracite facemask looks horrible on the blue helmet. The only facemask the blue helmet needs is a white one. 
  4. The new UK logo is atrocious and it looks like it was designed by a grade schooler. I mean why did the school feel the need to change something that was not broken drives me crazy. 
    1. This logo would've been perfect: 
  5. The new secondary Wildcat logo looks like it should be on the side of a helmet worn by a high school or FCS football team. When I first say it, I immediately thought of the New Hampshire Wildcats. 
  6. Having a stripe on the pants is good, but that stripe should've been checkered to match the jersey. 

Monday, November 30, 2015

Year in Review - Kentucky Wildcats Football Uniform Review

First and foremost I hate the new blue helmets as they do not match the uniforms whatsoever. If you look at the blue helmet from 2013 vs Vanderbilt you can see the helmet nearly matches the uniform,but now the helmet looks a lot darker than the uniform which bugs the living hell out of me. Not only is it darker, but it looks like shit compared to the old helmet. Why in the heck did they change the helmet color? It doesn't make sense to me.

Second, I hate the chrome helmet, the gray uniform, and I loathe the black uniform. Our colors are Blue & White, not Chrome, Gray & Black. I feel like sometimes the players only cared what we were wearing instead of actually playing the game on the field. I propose until this team can win 6 games, that our uniforms return to the basics with the 2013 Blue Helmet, 2013 White Helmet, and the blue and white uniforms. Allow the gray and black uniforms to be worn only as reward for winning games. 

Below were the uniforms for each game with my rankings from A (Beautiful) to F (Ugly):

Game 1: I love the jersey and pants, but don't like the mismatched helmet color (B+)

Game 2: I love this look, it would be perfect is the facemask, stripes and logo color matched the pants (A)

Game 3: I hate chrome and gray (D-)

Game 4:I hate the blue helmet with chrome and gray (F) 

Game 5:Nice looking uniform (read above about helmet) (A) 

Game 6: Did I mention I hate chrome? (D-)

Game 7: Did I mention I hate the chrome on the blue helmet (C)

Game 8: Did I mention I hate chrome and black? (FFFFFF--------_

Game 9: Nice looking uniform (A)

Game 10: Best looking uniform of the year (A+)

Game 11: Nice looking uniform (A)

Game 12: See Game 4 (F) 

2015 - Week 13 - 11/28 vs Louisville

Cardinals: 38 / Wildcats: 24

2015 - Week 12 - 11/21 vs Charlotte

49ers: 10 / Wildcats: 58