Saturday, November 24, 2012

2012 Season in Review

If you know me personally you know that I have not been a fan of Joker Phillips since day one of him taking the head coaching position for the Wildcats. The issue I have always had with Joker was never personal as I believed he stepped into a role that he had no business stepping into. It was actually Mitch Barnhart that I was really upset with because he handed Joker this job instead of looking for the best possible coach in the nation. Therefore, my #FireJoker tweets were not meant as a personal attack on the man, but only on the coach.

Now that the Joker era is over I believe it is appropriate to say that not only is he a great man, but he will always be a Wildcat because he carried himself with class throughout the good and bad times at UK. He was fired three games ago, but instead of walking away, he finished the season because the athletes on the field wanted to finish the season under him. Sure it was probably difficult on him and his coaching staff, but he swallowed his personal pride in order to help his Wildcat pride prevail.

I personally wish Joker the best (possibly at Arkansas with Charlie Strong) and I pray that he succeeds where ever he decides to do throughout the rest of his career. #WeAreUK #BBN 

Kentucky Wildcats 2012 Season: WINS 2 - Losses 10 / SEC (0-8) Joker Phillips Fired

2013 Season - Who is our next coach?

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