Saturday, September 28, 2013

Week 5: Florida @ Kentucky

Florida Gators - 24 /  Kentucky Wildcats - 7  =  LOSS  (Season Record: 1-3)

Tonight the 'Cats are still missing the mark as they have yet to play in their former standard home set (blue-blue-blue) as they are going with blue-blue-black. This is not a bad looking uniform for a team like Middle Tennessee or Memphis, but for Kentucky this just does not cut it in my opinion.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Week 3: Louisville @ Kentucky

Louisville Cardinals - 27  / Kentucky Wildcats - 13 = LOSS (1-2 Season Record)

Today the Wildcats are going to look bad in what may be a blow out loss! I am starting to wonder if these players know who they play for as this uniform combo is UGLY AS HELL and does NOT represent the University of Kentucky! Just for clarification, our colors are BLUE, WHITE and a touch of GREY and NOOOOOOTTTTT BLACK!!!!!!!!!

2nd Opinion: Upon seeing the whole game today I will admit this combination is not that bad, but I do miss the all-blue at home as I believe that is our best look hands down. Overall, I thought Lousiville's uniform looked great as I love their clean all-white look. However, I loathe those Adidas templates.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Week 2: Miami (Ohio) @ Kentucky

Miami Redhawks 7 - Kentucky Wildcats  41  = WIN / Season 1-1


Today, the Wildcats looked like a totally different team than last week because they actually showed up and threw the ball (that is what happens when Maxwell Smith is the QB) and put up 675 yards!

The Wildcats opened their home schedule looking decent in my humble opinion. The uniform combo does not work for me this week as the white helmet is a sore thumb for the blue jersey & pants. Now if the 'Cats wore the white helmet, blue jersey and white pants then this look would have been great, however, it is a fail as is. The good news about our uniform this week is that we don't look like a bunch of clowns like the Miami Redhawks!


Miami Redhawks (Clowns) 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Week 1: Kentucky @ Western Kentucky (Nashville, TN)

KY 26 - WKU 35: Loss

The 'Cats opened up the 2013 in style as they definitely had the best looking uniforms on the field in their loss to the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers this past Saturday. The defensive and offensive line are in desperate need of help and don't get me started on the QB Whitlow as that young man has no business playing the position.