Thursday, October 24, 2013

Week 9: Kentucky @ Miss. State

Kentucky Wildcats - 22 / Miss. State Bulldogs - 28 = LOSS (Season Record: 1-6)

Tonight the Wildcats will be wearing my personal favorite road uniform: Blue-White-Blue and they looked good in their loss both uniform wise and play on the field. Although I typically don't talk about the game calling on this site, I have to mention the fact that bringing Whitlow (who sucks BTW) into the game on 3rd and 10 to run the ball was a dumbass decision. Doesn't the coaching staff know that when he plays, the defense knows to expect a run?

Okay back to the uniform itself. Kentucky showed a new type of padding this week which is not that visible on the blue pants, but will be the next time they wear the white pants...see below.

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