Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Week 14: Tennessee @ Kentucky

Tennessee Volunteers - 27 / Kentucky Wildcats - 14    = LOSS (Season Record: 2-10)

Well I did not get my wish of seeing Big Blue actually wear all blue and the Seniors picked an UGLY ASS combo in Blue-Black-Black. I really wish the coaches would refrain from allowing the players to pick the uniform combos as they have historically done a crappy job.

Well the season has ended with the way it started and we looked horrible in the process. Have I mentioned I hate the black uniforms? I really wish they would burn them, however, I will say that when the players wear the blue socks it makes the look a bit better.

 Ugh, black pants with black socks looks like shit.

 Blue socks make this whole look 10x better.

Max Smith (11) with BLUE socks looks good, however his linemen in black socks looks like crap.

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