Monday, June 23, 2014

Commonwealth Stadium 2015 Renovation

In 2015, the Wildcats will begin play in the new Commonwealth Stadium thanks in part to a $110 million dollar renovation done to the stadium. The major difference with this renovation compared to one in 1999 is that instead of adding more seats, the stadium will actually loose a few thousand seats which has several Big Blue Nation (#BBN) fans unhappy. I understand that in order to have a state-of-the-art stadium that some seats will need to be moved, but to complete remove them and not replace is the wrong direction in my opinion. However, the University feels that the new enhancements will help out in recruiting and if there is one thing Kentucky football needs, it is better recruits! The new stadium when done will have 61,000 seats compared to the 1999 expansion of 67,942 which is approximately 6,942 less seats which is a lot of money the school will be losing once they are able to consistently sell out the stadium.

Below are images of before and projected after pictures of the stadium:

East End Zone - Old
East End Zone - New
 Interior Bowl - Old
 Interior Bowl - New
 Exterior View From the North - Old - 61,000 seating capacity
 Exterior View From the North - New
 Southern Edge Cross-Section - Old
 Southern Edge Cross-Section - New
 Upper Concourse - Old
 Upper Concourse - New
 Exterior View from the Southwest - Old
 Exterior View from the Southwest - New
 1999 Stadium Expansion - 67,942 seating capactity
 1973 Stadium Opened - 57,600 seating capacity