Friday, September 12, 2014

Week 3: Kentucky @ Florida

Well, thankfully the nightmare is over as the Wildcats are not wearing those horrible gray facemasks this week or the chrome/metallic blue helmet. But what they are wearing is partially new as the team will introduce a new white matte helmet with chrome stripes, logos and a facemask. If you know me, you know I hate chrome as it should only be used on cars, motorcycles, or something with wheels, let alone on a football uniform. But not do I hate chrome, I despise matte colored helmets as they are dull and in this case the team is doing complete opposites with shiny and dull and personally I think they both suck! But I will hold out final judgement until I see them on the field.

Kentucky Wildcats -  30 / Florida Gators - 36 / 3 Overtimes  =  LOSS   (Season Record: 2-1)

Check out the differences in the normal helmet and the new helmet. I prefer the old as it has UK actual color on it.

Old Helmet vs New Helmet:

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